Judianne Alexander is:
A very nice person when she wants to be. She also takes alot of mess from alot of people. Writes poetry (along with everyone else)
  • Doesn't think highly of her education
  • Teased alot
  • Likes to sew‍‍
  • Wants to do better in writing poetry
  • Doesn't like her skin color
  • Wants to be beautiful
  • step father calls her ugly
  • People admire her fashion - but some people think it's weird

Things Judianne said:

  • "I'm not smart enough to be writing poetry"
  • "Open mike Friday is today & I am not about to stand in front of the class in some funky old outfit"
  • "Too bad we all can't have good hair & light skin"
  • "Last week I wore my patchwork denim skirt and vest with my red leather pockets that just about broke my sewing machine."
  • "Shelia was all up in my face, telling me how cool I looked like I needed her opinion."

Things said about Judianne:

People thought that she was a nice person but she didn't think so.
Tyrone feels that she is shy and he feels she should express herself more often.
Sheila is very jealous of Judianne's outfit.