So, my email got hacked and I had to make a new account. I'm lucky that it was one of my extra emails, and not my main one, or whoever hacked it could've gotten more than my wiki information. Because of this, HazelTheRabbit is now CyborgPenguin.
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Jesus fucking christ you people are all sex-crazed idiots.
Shut up.
I'm really sorry for whoever started this page. I believe you had good intentions. Sadly, it was taken over by a bunch of preteen, ignorant jack-offs who've never heard of a dictionary. It's pretty pathetic if you have to resort to editing a Wiki for a book to amuse yourself. And yes, I realize how hypocritical that may sound, but I came here to find actual information about the book, not to read some stupid sexual fantasy about Chakandra. I'd edit the pages myself, but they'd just get changed back anyway, you idiotic bitches. You people are sick. Get a life.

Note: Thank you, whoever you are, for trying to clean this site up. I salute you, good sir/madame.

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